The 130 ARES Scholarships for international students

We invite you to find in this post, the conditions, requirements and information to apply for the ARES Scholarships for international students.

Indeed, if you are planning to study for free in Belgium, finding a scholarship is considered the best way to achieve this.

Moreover, scholarships in Belgium can allow you to reduce the cost of studies in Belgian universities.

In addition, each year, several organizations offer hundreds of scholarships in Belgium, for example :

  • Public universities in Belgium
  • Private universities in Belgium
  • Government scholarships in Belgium
  • For-profit and non-profit organizations
  • Foundations in Belgium
  • Etc.

These scholarships in Belgium can be given for all levels of study, namely :

  1. Undergraduate scholarships in Belgium
  2. Master scholarships in Belgium
  3. PhD’s scholarships in Belgium

Thus, getting a scholarship in Belgium is the best way to finance your higher education in Belgium.

By the way, ARES Scholarships for international students is considered to be among one of the best scholarships in Belgium.

Each year, this scholarship program offers many of scholarship opportunities for local and foreign students.

ARES scholarships offer you the possibility of following a one-year bachelor’s or master’s degree or continuing education between 2 and 6 months in an establishment of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in Belgium.

So, let’s find out more details about these points together.

The 130 ARES Scholarships

Each year, several Belgian universities and organizations offer hundreds of scholarships in Belgium for Belgian, European and foreign students.

Indeed, to study abroad, it is best to first check the availability of new scholarships in Belgium.

As we mentioned before, the ARES Scholarships are, indeed, some of the best scholarships in Belgium.

Indeed, this scholarship is open to Belgian, European and international students preparing their degrees and awarded based on their demonstrated academic merit.

Thus, to get an idea about this scholarship, we will focus on the following points, namely:

  1. General presentation of the scholarship.
  2. Eligibility conditions for this scholarship.
  3. How to apply for the scholarship.

So, let’s discover together the essential points to know about this scholarship.

1. General presentation of ARES Scholarships in Belgium

Each year, ARES grants an average of 130 scholarships for bachelor’s degree holders, as part of continuing education to nationals of its partner countries.

Currently in the world, nearly a billion people suffer from malnutrition, do not have access to drinking water or electricity.

With the world’s population still growing, particularly in developing countries, these food, water and energy insecurities will only increase.

These resources being limited, it will not be possible to meet future needs without a profound change in the use of these essential resources.

Indeed, although water, energy and food are intrinsically linked, the connection in terms of management policy is weak.

The objective of this specialization master (specialized orientation) is to train participants in the new concept of Nexus EEA which should lead more quickly to sustainable development.

It aims to train a future generation of decision-makers capable of implementing a Nexus EEA approach in its technical but also socio-economic, political and governance aspects.

For holders of any other diploma at the end of the 2nd cycle of higher education, admission is based on application.

The candidate must hold a Belgian or foreign diploma attesting to 2nd cycle studies.

Here are the main facts about this scholarship.

  • Name of scholarship : ARES Scholarships
  • Organization : Several Universities
  • Level of study : Undergraduate, Master
  • Scholarship Specialties : sciences, agronomic sciences and biological engineering, and engineering sciences and technology
  • Scholarship amount : Up to €1200
  • Opening date of the scholarship : During the month of December each year
  • Closing date of the scholarship : During the month of March each year
  • Target groups : All groups
  • Target Countries: South Africa, Benin, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Indonesia, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Mozambique, Nepal, Niger, Uganda, Peru, Philippines, Democratic Republic of Congo, Republic of Guinea (Conakry), Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Tunisia, Vietnam, Zimbabwe.
  • Duration of scholarship : Up to 36 months
  • Official website : ARES scholarship programs

2. Eligibility conditions for the ARES Scholarships

Here are the main eligibility conditions for this scholarship :

  • Citizens of all countries
  • Graduates or graduates at the end of the current academic year
  • Researchers and academics
  • The student should not have a 2ᵉ scholarship
  • Academic performance
  • Motivation
  • attitude and maturity
  • Good linguistic knowledge

Other entry conditions may be required to benefit from this scholarship in Belgium.

Thus, we advise you to contact the organization that offers this scholarship for more details.

3. How to apply for the ARES Scholarships?

Generally, to apply for a scholarship, you must be admitted to the university offering this scholarship.

Indeed, you must have an idea on 3 essential points, namely:

  • Admission steps to Belgian universities
  • Costs of university studies in Belgium
  • Registration formalities for universities in Belgium

By the way, you must prepare the following documents :

  1. CV
  2. Cover letter
  3. Transcripts and Bachelor’s degree (if applicable)
  4. Transcripts and Master’s degree (if applicable)
  5. Letter(s) of recommendation(s)

The introduction of a scholarship application must be made according to the introduction procedures and meet the admissibility criteria.

Applying for an ARES scholarship is totally free.

ARES does not charge any fees at any stage of the application or selection process whatsoever.

Your application must be submitted to ARES via the GIRAF platform:

  • You must first ensure that you have an active GIRAF account.
  • This account will then be validated by ARES and you will receive a confirmation email to create a password and connect.
  • You can  create an account on the GIRAF platform via this link .
  • Once connected to your GIRAF account, you can access the application form
  • From the moment you click on “Submit my application”, your file is sent to ARES and you can no longer modify it.

To apply for these scholarships, please apply through the link below.

Furthermore, you should note that if the application dates are closed, you must wait until the next reopening of applications.


Thus, to conclude our article, we have presented for you, the ARES Scholarships for international students.

Indeed, as we mentioned earlier, this scholarship is considered to be among the best scholarships in Belgium.

Moreover, getting a scholarship in Belgium is the best way to finance your higher education in Belgium.

Indeed, having a scholarship is an excellent way to study for free in Belgium.

In addition, various information may also interest you:

  1. How to get a scholarship in Belgium?
  2. How to apply for a scholarship in Belgium?
  3. And finally,  how to study abroad for free in Belgium?

Furthermore, you should note that if the application dates are closed, you are obliged to wait for the next reopening of applications.

So, do not hesitate to contact the university or organization that offers the scholarship of your choice to ask for more information.

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